Research on different consumers has shown that an average woman owns about two dozen shoe pairs which is twice that of men. Regardless of the family size, any household requires a shoe storage mechanism to keep the home clean and tidy. Shoe racks for doors and closets are among the widely used options. Choosing them depends on the shoes’ accessibility as well as portability of the rack. However, different shoe racks vary in flexibility and versatility. While shopping, it is important to assess the rack’s capacity and its adaptability to available room size. Quality is another factor as it determines the amount of money you are going to spend. The best racks are those that offer enough room to accommodate even big shoes, are well built to resist weight and are easily accessible. After weighing up all these factors, these are the best ten shoe racks as reviewed by different customers.

1. Storage Maniac Shoe Cubby

1. Storage Maniac Shoe Cubby This product is great indeed. Its sturdiness is enhanced by metal poles. It may not seem pretty physically but trust me, its functionality is amazing. Assembling it is very easy, in fact 10 minutes in maximum are enough.
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2. Hanging Kids Closet Organizer

2. Hanging Kids Closet Organizer Ever worried about weaknesses of over-the-door racks? This product is a solution for you as it doesn’t tore nor allow shoe falling. This is because it has hooks to hold the shoes thus preventing them from falling especially when the door is closed vigorously. What amazes me a lot is how sturdy the whole set up is.
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3. Best Quality Lebogner Shoe Storage Organizer

3. Best Quality Lebogner Shoe Storage Organizer This product is really amazing. I love how easy it is to store shoes as well as toys, art supplies, school supplies etc. with it, and more importantly, it is made of durable plastic and hanging shoes is super easy. The pockets are easy are clean and anything found inside is easily seen.
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4. Chrome Supreme Rack

4. Chrome Supreme Rack Have you been looking for something sturdy? Are you tied of sagging horizontal bars which fall when filled with shoes? The answer is this chrome shoe tower which is metallic with wheels at the bottom to move it around. The horizontal bars of this 50-shoe-pair rack have rough service to minimize shoe falling.
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5. KibbiX Stackable Shoe Rack

5. KibbiX Stackable Shoe Rack This is an amazing rack with ultra-high capacity of up to 20 shoe pairs. It is manufactured from polymer and steel materials giving it a super strong face and you don’t need to worry about falling of your shoes or the rack collapsing.
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6. Seville Classics 3-tier shoe rack

6. Seville Classics 3-tier shoe rack This is a great shoe rack featuring removable mesh panels to allow shelves to interlock and provide customizable and unique storage solution. If you are tired of flimsy racks with gaps in its frames then trust me this one is yours. The shelves are flat, ensuring stability and are made of iron to assure of sturdy face.
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7. Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench

7. Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench This shoe rack is made of plastic, it is light and wider enough but fits well on a stairway landing. Maintaining it is much easier especially when wiping it from the dirt. This sturdy and good price rack stores up to 20 pairs and also easy to assemble.
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8. Seville Classics Resin

8. Seville Classics Resin If you had lost hope in getting a shoe rack of your dream, then this is the perfect product for you. Compared to plastic shoe racks, this wooden one is wide enough with high shelves to accommodate up to a total of 9 pairs of men’s shoes. Moving around is easy, very stable and comes with a good price.
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9. Shoe Rack organizer Storage Bench

9. Shoe Rack organizer Storage Bench Do you want to change your unattractive shoe rack? Putting this together is easy since a child can even do it. Smaller shoes as well as larger ones can be stored comfortably since it is adjustable. It is also sturdy, unattractive and takes up less space. It takes up to 20 adult shoes and 25 kids shoes.
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10. Entryway Storage organization

10. Entryway Storage organization, Best Shoe Rack for Closet Reviews The shoe rack is recognized for holding many shoes and fitting nicely inside a closet though it is relatively flimsy. However, if one side is placed against a wall the rack is kept steadily upright. Its shelves are adjustable and most importantly, it is easy to assemble as no external tools are required. Buy now from Amazon